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Most Desired Outcome (MDO)

In the context of a negotiation, the Most Desired Outcome (MDO) refers to the ideal or optimal result that a party hopes to achieve. It is the best possible outcome that the party can envision and is often used as a benchmark against which other potential outcomes are measured. The MDO is generally kept in mind by the negotiating party throughout the negotiation process and is used to guide the party's strategy and decision-making.

Identifying the MDO is important as it helps clarify the negotiating party's priorities and goals and provides a clear understanding of what is at stake in the negotiation. Once the MDO is established, the negotiating party can use it as a reference point to assess the viability of potential agreements, concessions, or compromises. Ultimately, the goal of a negotiation is to secure an outcome that is as close as possible to the MDO while also considering the other party's interests and objectives.

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